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Quality of artwork

We work with vectors files only which means that files were created in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw in an A1 or Photoshop. File extensions of those files are: .ai or .eps

Why these requirements?

Due to the low quality of the file, it usually results in poor printing standards and we would like your products to have the best impact and your image looked as it should.
We are not trying to be difficult when requesting vector files – we are only protecting your image and brand.


What if I cannot get the vector art format?

Usually, your graphic designer should be able to supply you the vector art format.
In case we can also create the correct art format for a fee. When you send us your artwork, we will evaluate it and advise if anything needs to be done. We will work with you to ensure that your designs and artwork is in keeping with our quality standards.

Pantone Colour Number

Pantone Colour Number is one of our requirements. It is the number of color from Pantone Colour Chart – to check an example of a chart CLICK HERE.
We highly recommend you to confirm color numbers with your graphic designer.
Thanks to this information we will be sure that the print will be done precisely in the colour/-s of your logo.

What kind of art file is not acceptable?

Files created in Pagemaker, QuarkXpress, Freehand, Publisher, Microsoft Office such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel or JPG, GIF or bitmap images are usually not acceptable for printing.

Please do not take a low-resolution image and change the name to an .eps or .ai extension. This does not change the quality of the file to vector!