Eco Friendly Cotton Tote Bag with Long Handles

Shopping bag with long handles 140 g
Dimensions: 38 x 42 cm (handles 70 x 2 cm)
Material: cotton 140 g/m2
Colour: beige, black, blue, white, red, orange, green
ITEM CODE: V8081-20


Choosing Eco-friendly bags you add up to a big difference over time! 

Our bag is sustainable and spacious and from made of  6 oz biodegradable cotton. It’s also a very environmentally friendly custom reusable bag!

This Branded Eco Bag has a large print surface, so they’re great for getting your brand noticed up and down the high street. It’s extremely affordable and cheap compared to other promo products!

Your clients remember your business as one that looks after the environment and will be extremely grateful every time they use their branded eco shopping bags!

Reap the rewards of traditional bags advertising whilst doing your part to help the environment!