Why choose corporate gifts

Why Choose Corporate Gifts ?

With our experience in the field of Branded Promotional Items, we have the know-how how to serve our clients with a range of products.
Our approach is always individual. We are ready to help and support you with tips or suggestions if needed.

If the ‘World of Branding’ is new for you we are here to help you with every step.

If you are thinking about:

  • Increase your sales
  • Introduce new products or services
  • Get client’s attention
  • Build customer relationship
  • Attend / Organise conference, event or party
  • Celebrate special occasions: anniversaries, Easter, Christmas …
  • And more ……..

We would be delighted to help you improve your promotion with Branded Items! And make your company more memorable and visible!


If you have doubts if you should invest money in Promotional Items – check below!

What can promotional gifts do for your organization ?
Promotional gifts keep your name and image in your customer’s minds. Existing customers will stay loyal to your brand returning time and time again. While potential and new customers will be drawn to your brand rather than your competition. Every so often, you will pick up new business when somebody contact you because they happened to see your name e.g. on a pen.  And your customers will have your number handy when recommending you to a friend or colleague.


Corporate and Incentive Programs :
Promotional Items as a rewards in Corporate and Incentive Programs it’s a great idea. You’re not only will keep your employees well motivated but you will also create the best advertisement that you could ever imagine: recommendation of your brand from first hand  – happy employees!
With Corporate Gifts Malta you will have a choice from a range of different products which can be imprinted with your corporate identity and suitable for your type of business.


Precision in advertising:
If you know your target audience or even if you don’t – we are always here to help you.
A well chosen promotional gift will deliver the exact message you would like to give for your special, loyal or potential clients. The recipient of any gift would be left with a feeling of warmth towards the giver. The giving of promotional gifts will also register in your customer’s mind and will continue to value your dealings with them.
With the range of 10 000 products Corporate Gifts Malta will help your company find the  product you are looking for.